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501 (c)(3) 
Public Charity Organization
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MISSION:  Mothers' of Hope Resource Center's mission statement is to Clothe, Educate, Empower, Encourage, and Sustain Women and Children survivors of breast cancer and domestic violence.  We have been servicing survivors for 10 years.  We are one of the few agencies that provide both breast cancer and domestic violence services in the Chicago land and South Suburban area.  

Our organization these past years have given opportunities to over 400 individuals in the area of psychoeducation, health and wellness, and resources to live a better life. 

The programs consist of workshops, expos, and outdoor festivals. With the assistance of our sponsors, we were successful in completing past goals and desire to move forward in our fight against violence in the home, community, and nation.  


1. Building a bridge between law enforcement and community; opening up more dialog
2. Learning and Understanding triggers to violence and engaging coping skills
3. Connections with businesses in the community that would not otherwise have a platform for marketing
4. Circumvent destructive, disruptive, and dangerous behavior by offering alternatives 
5. Advocating for more resources for long term care
6. Building Self Worth, Confidence, and Respect for yourself, family, and community